CIMMYT visit 2018

Thanks to the breeders for sharing their pictures

Visit 2016

The breeder trip to CIMMYT in Mexico was a great success and the selections made in bread wheat and durum wheat probably more relevant than ever. The group was large and included Michael Quinn (Intergrain), Jason Able (University of Adelaide), Ian Edwards (Edstar Genetics), Tom Kapcejevs (AGT), Marie Appleby (LongReach), Fernanda Dreccer (CSIRO) and Richard Trethowan (University of Sydney). After a less than auspicious start with a number of people delayed en route, the team eventually assembled in the field at Ciudad Obregon. The CIMMYT breeders made their data available and for the first time extensive quality data was accessible to assist the selection of materials. Carlos Guzman, the new head of the CIMMYT wheat quality laboratory is now providing milling yield data in addition to dough rheological data and has greatly increased the throughput of the laboratory. The group was also very impressed by the Seeds of Discovery work and the good agronomic types achieved from the introgression of unadapted but stress tolerant wheat diversity. The group participated in the CIMMYT field day and heard presentations covering the breadth of wheat research at this international center. It was a great opportunity to meet CIMMYT staff and to gain insight into the function of the program and the materials developed. “

Richard Trethowan Project leader wheat

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