Dear CAIGE Colleagues

Please find our March Newsletter for 2022 providing an update of the CAIGE project and activities from the CAIGE team and collaborators for this year.

In this issue we are covering the following:-

  • An Update from CAIGE Project Leaders
  • New Managing Director of GRDC
  • CAIGE AGM - 2022
  • Update of New GRDC CAIGE Project
  • CAIGE Barley Quality Data - 2020
  • An Update on Data Collation from Yield Trials - 2021
  • An Update on Data Collation from Disease Screening Trials - 2021
  • MET Analysis of Yield Data - 2021 & Hosting Results on Shiny App
  • All Data Compilations - 2021, CAIGE Website & CAIGE BMS
  • Workshop on Use & Working of BAGGI CAIGE App
  • Disease Core Sets
  • Selection of Entries for Yield Trials - 2022
  • CAIGE Materials in Seed Increase, Shipment & Quarantine
  • 2022 Australian Yield Trials
  • News about the Traps
  • Awards to our CAIGE Collaborators


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Please let me know if you have any questions and happy reading.

If you have not already responded to joining the AGM this Friday please kindly email me that you wish to do so asap.

The CAIGE team look forward to seeing many of you ‘on-line’ this Friday in Australia (and Thursday for our CG partners).

With warm regards and wishing you all the best with the planting season which is soon approaching!

Kind regards on behalf of the CAIGE team


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