CAIGE is always open for new members

To access the CAIGE material, you need to do the following:

1)      contact Sally Norton at AGG with a list of material you need (preferably with line names/quarantine codes which you can access on the CAIGE website)

2)      Sally will send you an SMTA document which needs to be signed before we can send you any material.  Apart from the Standard Material Transfer Agreement clauses, the document also outlines the requirement by the receiver to send any data generated from trials/screening/experiments of the CAIGE material, back to the CAIGE Coordinator.

3)      Once the SMTA is signed you will be able to access any material from CAIGE up till the end of the current project term (2018).  If the project is continued/renewed after 2018, a new SMTA will be issued, which will also cover material from previous years.

4)      Given that the data from your experiments is not sensitive or confidential, it will be included on the CAIGE website, where you project can have its own information page.


You will also be added to the CAIGE mailing list (if you are not already on the list), so you can keep up to date with new material coming in and available for distribution.

If you require more details, please feel free to contact us.
Looking forward to working with you!