SBP 2012

A list of lines that were screened in 2012 at CIMMYT-Turkey, with data from Mexico and SBP phenotypic data

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File also includes:

  • All lines screened
  • List of the 40 lines selected
  • Yield ranking from 2010 CAIGE Yield Trials*
  • Yield ranking from 2009 CAIGE Yield Trials*
  • Yield ranking from 2008 CAIGE Yield Trials*
  • Rust screening from PBI Cobbitty*
  • Yellow Leaf Spot assessments from Horsham*
  • Septoria Tritici Blotch from Wagga Wagga*
  • Crown Rot Score*
  • ToxA/Tox3 Sensitivity*
  • Data from CIMMYT
  • Description of evaluation and assessment methodologies

*Only for lines that were tested

ToxA / Tox3 / Tox1 Screening - from Kar-Chun Tan and Richard Oliver (Curtin University)

 SBP12 - Crown Rot Screening - from Tokachichu Raju (PBI Uni of Sydney - Cobbity)

SBP12- Stagonospora Nodorum Blotch screening in 2013 - from Manisha Shankar (DAFWA)