International Adaptation Trials

Principal Coordinators : Ky Mathews, Scott Chapman & Jodi Neal 

The IAT trial was first grown in 2001 and includes both Australian and CIMMYT germplasm. In the first 3 years, there was a fairly stable set of genotypes (with some difference between locations, usually WA). In 2004 the IAT had the same number of lines as the international set, and for 2005 it was decided to update the Australian and CIMMYT germplasm. Lines from the 19SAWSN and 20SAWSN which were already in trial quantities were used.

List of all lines in IAT since 2001, and their pedigrees

Global Adaptation

For results from factor analysis, including pedigree data, performed on 106 trials and partitioned into additive and non-additive genetic line effects by environment using the pedigree relationship matrix, see the paper by Ky L Mathews, Scott C Chapman, R.Trethowan, W.Pfeiffer, M. van Ginkel, J.Crossa, T.Payne, I.DeLacy, P.N.Fox, M.Cooper (2007) Global adaptation patterns of Australian and CIMMYT bread wheat. Theor Appl Genet 115 (6) Oct 2007 DOI 10.1007/s00122-007-0611-4

IAT 2007

The IAT2007 seed set was distributed in mid-April 2007. Due to the severe drought last year there was only enough seed for 10 sets.
Five of the trials are being grown by Agrisearch (managed by Harpreet Gill) alongside the Germplasm Evaluation Trials and the National Varieties Trials (NVT). The locations are Meckering (WA), Balaklava (SA), Birchip (VIC), Temora (sth NSW) and North Star (nth NSW).Entry list for the 2007 IAT trials by Agrisearch These trials have 4 extra entries compared to the Breeder Trials (below), namely entries 81 to 84, which are new CIMMYT material from the 24/25 SAWSN. Yield, flowering data and height will be measured on these trials.Entry list for five trials to be grown by breeders: WonganHills (DAFWA), Roseworth (AGT), Horsham/Robinvale (AGT, Victoria), WaggaWagga (NSWDPI) and Duaringa (QDPI).
Unfortunately the Duaringa seed arrived too late for sowing. A problem was also experienced with seed packing, which was confined to the 5 breeder IAT trials whose seed packets were prepared by a casual employee, and not the 5 trials supplied from the preferred packing centres of Wagga or Shepparton, where seed was packed straight into magazines. The 5 breeders who received the IAT reported that the seed amounts varied between 20g and 70g rather than 2x50g packets as instructed. We have therefore requested that some emergence scores be taken on one of the Agrisearch trials (20 plots or so) to assure us that the problem was indeed confined to the breeder trials.
Thanks to Nahrae Burges and Michael Lamond at Agriseach WA for organising the seed, to DAFWA for providing the seed source and to Meiqin Lu, Ray Shorter and Dan Vater (AGT Roseworthy) for sending seed for new entries across to WA at short notice.

Results from the Window on Wheat (W-O-W)

The Window-On-Wheat concept is part of the last milestone in the IAT project. The idea is to identify the best performing CIMMYT lines in relevant nurseries and relevant testing locations for Australian test locations.

The Process:

1. Using the IAT dataset, for each Australian location, find all international locations that have a high genetic correlation with the Australian locations;
2. For correlated locations, search the past CIMMYT yield trials (ESWYT, HRWYT, SAWYT and HTWYT from 1994 to 2006) and identify the best 20% of lines (by yield rank);
3. Present all these results in tables that let breeders choose an Australian location, and then find all the CIMMYT lines that did well in correlated locations;
4. Filter the results by a range of criteria (location, yield, days to heading, height etc…).
5. Lines that are already in Australia can be found by their EntryCD number. Other lines can be requested for import from CIMMYT using the CID-SID information.

We’ve done steps 1 and 2 and built a spreadsheet (below) that breeders can use to complete steps 3 to 5 for their own locations and filter criteria

CIMMYT Yield Trials Top 20 Lines (2.7MB zip file containing .xls)

This spreadsheet will allow you to identify lines that performed well in locations correlated with your local growing conditions. The Australian IAT locations included are:

NSW: Croppa Creek, Tamworth, Waggawagga, Willow Tree;
QLD: Biloela, Gatton, Norwin;
SA: Kapunda, Loxton, Minnipa, Roseworthy;
VIC: Horsham, Robinvale, Woomelang;
WA: Badgingarra, Merredinlight, Wongan Hills.

The filter tool will allow you to filter for relevant IAT locations or other criteria. Instructions and examples of how the filter can be used are provided.