While research to refine the predictive power of FIGS is ongoing it is routinely deployed in the hunt for previously undiscovered traits and for genetic variation of current traits required by the plant breeding community.  The following table details some of the discoveries that have been reported back to the genebank by researchers supplied with relatively small subsets of ICARDA germplasm:

Trait variation discovered using FIGS

BarleyBarley yellow dwarf virus
BarleyPowdery mildew
BarleyNet Blotch – net form
BarleyNet blotch – spot form
BarleyRussian wheat aphid
WheatRussian wheat aphid
WheatSunn pest
WheatPowdery mildew
WheatStem rust
WheatYellow rust
Chickpea, LentilBeet western yellows virus
Chickpea, LentilChickpea chlorotic stunt virus
Chickpea, LentilAlfalfa mosaic virus
Chickpea, lentilBeet yellow mosaic virus
ChickpeaLeaf miner
LentilHeat tolerance
Faba beanDrought tolerance

Note: for specific confirmed accessions refer to  the downloadable EXCEL file

Has FIGS actually help find valuable trait sources?
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