CAIGE Yield Trials 2011

CIMMYT and ICARDA bread wheat material will be evaluated together in 9 trials across the Australian production region in 2011. The material represents the latest germplasm from both institutes. The entry list this year contains 145 entries: 45 entries from the 19SAWYT (ZWW10), 49 from the 32ESWYT (ZWB10), 37 ICARDA international Nursery lines and 11 Australian lines and 3 international checks. This is less than originally planned because 43 ICARDA lines (MAP10 and 10 lines from ZVS10) were in a summer increase in Western Australia that was badly affected a few days of +40°C. We plan to evaluate these lines in 2012. The same 11 Australian lines as in the CAIGE Yield Trial 2010 are included, as well as 3 international checks.

CAIGE YT 2011 Entry List - provides the proposed entry list for this trial and p-rep designs for 7 trials

Field books: 

Esperance- B. Jacobs (LongReach PB)
Horsham- R. Eastwood (AGT)
JuneeB. Jacobs (LongReach PB)
Merredin- D. Mullan (InterGrain)
Narrabri- R. Trethowan (Usyd)
Northstar- M. Lu (AGT)
Roseworthy- J. Edwards (AGT)
Toodyay- I. Edwards (Edstar Genetics)
Wongan Hills- D. Mullan (InterGrain)

Germplasm Evaluation 2011 Trials Analysis (Australian Trials only)

The 2010 GET analyses were performed for entries from the 19SAWYT (ZWW10), 32ESWYT (ZWB10) and ICARDA (ZIZ10) nurseries grown in 9 locations across the Australian wheat region. Local checks and site specific entries were included in the datasets.

The results are in the file below.

2011 GET BLUEs