CAIGE Yield Trials 2010

CIMMYT and ICARDA bread wheat material will be evaluated together in 8 trials across the Australian production region in 2010. The material represents the latest germplasm from both institutes. There are 92 CIMMYT lines from the 31 Elite Spring Wheat Yield Trial (ESWYT) and the 18 Semi-Arid Wheat Yield Trial. The 114 ICARDA entries are from the 7th and 8th Temperate Areas Dryland Spring Bread Wheat Yield Trials (TA-DSBWYT), the 7th and 8th Continental Areas Dryland Spring Bread Wheat Yield Trials (CA-DSBWYT) and other lines. In addition, 14 Australian lines have been included.

CAIGE YT 2010 Entry List - provides the entry list and describes the locations targetted for this trial

Strategic Trial (ZST09)

The aim of the Strategic Trial (ZST09) is to determine how the relative importance of stress-adaptive traits changes in various stress situations. The trial design at CIMMYT was described in Yann Manes’ presentation at the 2009 Annual CAIGE meeting (see CAIGE >> Project Coordination >> Meetings >> Mar 2009 >> Yann Manes). Further details can be obtained from Matthew Reynolds ( or Julian Pietragalla ( It will be trialled in 3 locations this year, and is in increase for further trialling next year in Australia.

Strategic Trial Entry List - provides the entry list and the locations targetted for this trial

Evaluation of other CAIGE material

The CAIGE project is in its 7th year and hence many collaborators are evaluating CIMMYT and ICARDA material at different stages in their breeding programs. This year 2192 CIMMYT/ICARDA genotypes from 28 different nurseries were reported as being evaluated in Australia (note, this is an over-estimate as the degree of overlapping between collaborators is unknown).  The number of entries per nursery per collaborator has been collated, if you would like further information about the lines evaluated please contact the collaborator indicated in the file below.

CAIGE material evaluated by collaborators 2010 – provides a summary table of nursery by collaborator with the number of lines evaluated reported

Field book data: 


Booleroo- J. Edwards (AGT)
Horsham- R. Eastwood (AGT)
Junee- B. Jacobs (longReach PB)
Merredin- D. Mullan (InterGrain)
Narrabri- R. Trethowan (Usyd)
Northstar- M. Lu (AGT)
Westmar- M. Dieters (UQ)
Wongan Hills- D. Mullan (InterGrain) 

Germplasm Evaluation 2010Trials Analysis (Australian Trials only): 

The 2010 GET analyses were performed for entries from the 18SAWYT (ZWW09), 31ESWYT (ZWB09) and ICARDA (ZIZ09) nurseries grown in 8 locations across the Australian wheat region. Local checks and site specific entries were included in the datasets.

The GxE BLUPs and principal component analysis biplots are provided from this analysis. The results are in the file below.

2010 GET BLUPs