CAIGE Yield Trials 2009

2009 data from Intergrain (D. Mullan) Nurseries grown
09WS2A1 (Wongan Hills) ZVS08, ZWE06, ZWH03
09WS2A2 (Wongan Hills) ZVS07
09WS2A3 (Wongan Hills) ZVS07
09WS2A4 (Wongan Hills) ZWC07, ZWE07
09WS2A5 (Wongan Hills) ZWB08, ZWE08
09WS2A6 (Wongan Hills) ZWC08
09WS2A7 (Wongan Hills) ZWE05, ZWE06, ZWX05

2009 data from AGT  (R. Eastwood)

Trial at Horsham ZWB08, ZWC08, ZWE08

2009 data from AGT (M. Lu)

Trial at Narrabri ZWB08, ZWC08, ZWE08

2009 data from DEEDI (Phil Banks)

Trial at Hermitage ZWB08, ZWC08, ZWE08, ZVS08

2009 data from LongReach PB (B. Jacobs)

Trial by Longreach ZVS08, ZVS07, ZWC07, ZWE07ZHC04, ZWC04, ZWE04, ZWX04, ZWZ04
2009 ToxA and Tox3 sensitivity
(K. Rybak and R. Oliver)
Project Outline 
Candidates for CAIGE Yield Trial 2010  ZIZ09, ZWB09, ZWW09
Germplasm Evaluation 2009 Trials Analysis

The 2009 GET analyses were performed for entries from the 30ESWYT (ZWB08), 42IBWSN (ZWC08) and 27SAWSN (ZWE08) grown in 4 locations across the Australian wheat region. Local checks and site specific entries were included in the datasets. Best spatial models were determined for each location and BLUEs and standard errors calculated. A GGL model was fitted in a 2-stage process (i.e. using the previously calculated BLUEs). The GxE BLUPs and principal component analysis biplots are provided from this analysis. The results are in the files below.

Description (ZWB08, ZWC08, ZWE08)
2009_GET_Biplots Download file
2009_GET_BLUPs and PCA plotting points Download file
Hermitage – managed by Phil Banks (DEEDI). Entries from the following QCode nurseries: ZWB08, ZWC08, ZWE08, ZVS08 Download file
Horsham – managed by Russell Eastwood (AGT). Entries from ZWB08, ZWC08 and ZWE08 that were selected as entries in CIMMYT international nurseries (i.e. a subset) Download file
Narrabri – managed by Meiqin Lu (AGT). Entries from ZWB08, ZWC08 and ZWE08. Download file
Wongan Hills – managed by Chris Moore (InterGrain). Entries from ZWB08 and ZWE08. Download file
Wongan Hills – managed by Chris Moore (InterGrain). Entries from ZWC08 Download file

Description (ZVS08)


Australian breeder selections at CIMMYT, 2007 - their distribution and mean yields in 2009. See Ky Mathews' presentation at the March 2010 meeting for an overview. Download file