CAIGE yield trial Barley 2015

The ICARDA barley lines imported in 2014, were increased at Gatton and put in trials in 2015 at these locations.

CAIGE Barley yield data  includes all raw yield data for barley trials in all locations

Managed by
Wongan Hills (WA)
D Moody (Intergrain)
Horsham (VIC)
D Moody (Intergrain)
Pinery (SA)
S Coventry (U. of Adelaide)
Geranium (SA)
S Coventry (U of Adelaide)
Tuckey (SA)
P Telfer (AGT)
Roseworthy (SA)
P Telfer (AGT)
Toodyay (WA)
I Edwards (Edstar Genetics)
Brookstead (QLD)
D Lush (QLD DAF)

Data Analysis for Barley 2015 yield trials *

* with acknowledgement to Dr Vivi Arief (University of Queensland)

File Description
Download file
Yield Data:
Heatmap of yield for each site
Yield Data file (pdf)
ASREML Output 
SingleSite_Model: spatial model fitted for each site to obtain DESIGN's BLUE and weight
  1. AccrossSite_VarComp: variance component from combined two-stage analysis
  2. AccrossSite_BLUP: BLUP and predict value for DESIGN
  3. SecondStageData: Data for 2nd stage analysis
  4. GY=BLUE; SE=standard error of the BLUE; NRep=no.of replication for each DESIGN;>N=number of total observation in a site; S2=residual variance for a site
Output file(xls)
Single Site Heatmap
variogram and heatmaps for
  1. centred yield (GY),
  2. DESIGN's BLUE ,
  3. residual,
  4. row and column effect (rc) ,
  5. other spatial effect (other),
  6. and trend= rc + other effect.
The mean for each site was printed in the variogram title.
Other effect is the sum of lin(ROW), lin(RANGE),spl(ROW), and spl(COL), if fitted
Single site Heatmap(pdf)
Pattern Analysis Results
contains the plotting points for DESIG and Site, group membership for DESIG, GL BLUP in serial format, and GxL 2-way table
Pattern Analysis(xls)
Pattern Analysis Plots
contains dendrogram, dendrogram with grouping, biplots, biplots with grouping
Pattern Analysis(pdf)