Imported list pre 2013-2014

First Global Spring Barley Yield Nursery ( 1st GSBYN ) and

First Global Spring Barley Screening Nursery ( 1st GSBSN )

Beginning 2011, ICARDA organized its Barley Breeding and Enhancement Program into improved Germplasm for Rainfed Agriculture, Irrigated/Favorable Environment and Winter Barley. These modifications have been carried out and now there are three different Breeding Programs operating separately but interconnected.

Since rainfed areas expands in all continents and has global reach, it was decided to name the two above nurseries which would have global distribution. The yield nursery is represented by the highest yielding lines from ICARDA’s Breeding Program. The Screening Nursery has approximately 150 lines from ICARDA‘s Breeding Program. These lines have been included after thorough testing has been completed.

1st GSBYN list (quarantine list - ZIB14)

1st GSBSN list (quarantine list - ZID14)

International Barley Yield Trials - High Input Conditions (IBYT-HI)

The International Barley Yield Trial and Observation Nursery for High Input (HI) are targeted for areas where barley is grown under more favorable conditions and with the use of near-optimum level of inputs.

IBYT-HI list (quarantine list - ZIC14)

INBYT-HI list (naked barley)  (quarantine list - ZIA14)

International Barley Yield Trials - Winter Types (IBYT-W)

The International Barley Yield Trials and Observation Nurseries with winter types are targeted for high elevation areas or continental areas with severe winters. These materials require vernalization. Therefore, they are not suitable for the mild?winter lowland areas and tropical high altitude areas, or for spring planting. They are adapted to both low and moderate rainfall areas with cold winters ranging from -50C to -250C.

IBYT-W list (quarantine list ZIE14)