Crown Rot Initiative 2014 Data



for material sent from the University of Sydney

 13 Best Lines selected from a list of 30 lines File also includes crown rot readings from

  • - Growthroom
  • - Greenhouse
  • - Field
  • - Plant Height

These lines will be further tested for yield potential and crown rot resistance at CIMMYT-Turkey.

 Australian Varieties tested for crown rot in Turkey by CIMMYT
Crown Rot Data for Australian Varieties
SARDI (South Australia Research and Development Institute)
(a)  List of crosses made at SARDI

(b)  Screening results of advanced lines

(c) Resistant lines recommended for 2015 and 2016

UQ (University of Queensland)
(a)  Yield trials for CRI0 lines

(b)  Phenotyping for CRI0 lines from Gatton

(c)  Yield trials for CRI1 lines

(d)  Phenotyping for CRI1 lines from Gatton

(e)  Rust Scores for CRI0 lines (from PBI Cobbitty)

USYD (University of Sydney)
(a)  Raw Yield Data for GRDC collaborative trial

(b)  Rainout Shelter Yield Loss Trial

(c)  University of Sydney Yield Loss Trial

(d)  MARS germplasm with accumulated significant markers to CR resistance