Donor data for 2013 shipment

 Data from CIMMYT for 2013 Durum shipmentPhenotype data from ICARDA for material sent to Australia in 2013 

Quality data – Barley 2015

2015 Barley Yield Trials – quality testing for all samples 2015 Barley Yield Trials – summary of protein content from samples

LMA data for Soil Borne Pathogen Nurseries (2013)

 LMA 2013LMA results for Soil Borne Pathogen Resistance Nurseries from CIMMYT Turkey ZAD13, SBP12 nurseries tested for LMA Daryl Mares (University of Adelaide)  Back to Wheat Disease Screening Menu

Crown Rot Screening for Soil Borne Pathogen lines

SBP Crown RotCrown Rot Screening for Soil Borne Pathogen nurseriesZJN09 – Crown Rot Screening Damian Herde (DEEDI – Toowoomba)ZJN09 – Crown Rot Screening Tokachichu Raju (PBI Uni of Sydney – Cobbity)SBP12 – Crown Rot Screening Tokachichu Raju (PBI Uni of Sydney

Durum Disease screening 2014

 Stem,Stripe and Leaf RustDurum Rust Data – 20142014 – DataNursery screened  2014 Stripe, Leaf and Stem Rust Results – Cobbity – Harbans Bariana ZDK13  (DURUM ICARDA SELECTIONS 2013 shipment)

Durum Import 2013

Imported list 2013 DURUM SELECTIONS FROM CIMMYT (Australian Breeder Selections) -ZDK13

SBP 2013 selections

SBP 2013The 29th SAWSN nursery that was screened in 2012 with data from Mexico and SBP phenotypic dataDownload fileFile also includes:Yield ranking from 9 Australian sitesQuality data from ToodyayRust screening from PBI CobbittyYellow Leaf Spot assessments (Field and Seedling) from

YS & SNB screening for Soil Borne Pathogen nurseries

Yellow spot and Stagonospora nodorum for Soil Borne Pathogen nurseriesZJN09 – YS and SN screening Manisha Shankar (DAFWA)ZJN10 – YS and SN screeningManisha Shankar (DAFWA)ZAD13, SBP12 – Stagonospora Nodorum Blotch screening in 2013Manisha Shankar (DAFWA) * new 21/01/2014ZAD13, SBP12, ZVS09, ZIZ11,

Yellow spot and SNB screening of CAIGE lines

YS & SNB screening for Bread Wheat linesZJN09 – YS and SN screening for the Soil Borne Pathogen nursery -Manisha Shankar (DAFWA)ZSF09 – YS and SN screening for the Synthetics imported in 2009Manisha Shankar (DAFWA)ZJN10 – YS and SN screening for

GRDC Project DAW00206 (2010-2015)

GRDC Project DAW00206 (2010-2015) – Final Report by Manisha Shankar (DAFWA) A total of 1044 CAIGE lines were assessed from 2010 to 2014 > 81 lines were identified with seedling resistance (RMR to MR) > 30 lines were identified with