Stem, Stripe and Leaf Rust Screening

Stem, Stripe and Leaf Rust Screening Year Nursery Screened Data Files 2005-06 ZHC04, ZWH05, ZWX04, ZWX45, ZWE04, ZDB04, ZDA04, ZWC04, ZWC45 Download, Download, Download, Download, Download, Download, Download, Download, Download, Download 2007-08 ZWC06, ZWE06, ZWE05, ZWC05, ZWH56, ZWX05, ZWE07, ZWC07,

Synthetics Data 2007-09

Synthetics 2007-2009IMPORTED GERMPLASM 2007 – 2009QCodeEntriesNursery noNursery TypeDATAZSF0778MATAUSSYPrimary SyntheticsCIMMYT DataZSF0858MATAUSSYSynthetic NurseryCIMMYT Data2009 Nodorum screening TRIALS AND TESTING DATA 2007Gatton trial – Douglas LushPot Crown Rot Test Results for Primary Synthetics imported from 2001 to 2005 – Raju Tokachichu TRIALS AND TESTING DATA

IAT Analysis

IAT analysisSummary March 2006Summary September 2006Summary March 2007Summary October 2007Summary February 2008 pdf: You will need Adobe Reader to view any .pdf documents in this list Australian Correlation Plots (.pdf): correlation of Australian trial locations with international sites.CIANO Correlation Plots (.pdf): correlation

IAT data 2006-07

IAT data 2006-2007 IMPORTED GERMPLASM FOR IAT TRIALS IAT 2006 International Adaptation Trial – 2006   LEGEND GY Grain yield DH Days to Heading PH Plant Height MT Maturity GR Grazing score HD Heading Tipping Score CR Crown Rot YS

Stem, Stripe and Leaf Rust Data 2007/08

 2007 and 2008 – DataNursery screenedsow dateDD/MM/YYasmt dateDD/MM/YYRust Data for CIMMYT lines **PLS note: Samples coded BB 1-289 (Best Bet no) are duplicates of the 2005 samples.(39 x ZWC05, 156 x ZWE05, 30 x ZWH56, 64 x ZWX05)ZWC06ZWE06ZWE05ZWC05ZWH56ZWX0525/05/07 15/07/0726/10/07 06/10/07Yellow Leaf Spot

BREAD WHEAT Yield Trial 2009

 CAIGE Yield Trials 2009 2009 data from Intergrain (D. Mullan) Nurseries grown 09WS2A1 (Wongan Hills) ZVS08, ZWE06, ZWH03 09WS2A2 (Wongan Hills) ZVS07 09WS2A3 (Wongan Hills) ZVS07 09WS2A4 (Wongan Hills) ZWC07, ZWE07 09WS2A5 (Wongan Hills) ZWB08, ZWE08 09WS2A6 (Wongan Hills) ZWC08

BREAD WHEAT Yield Trial 2008

CAIGE Yield Trials 2008LocationNurseries grown2008 GET trials at AgrisearchCroppa CreekMeckeringRed BanksTemoraWarracknabealZWC07, ZWE07Seed increase at DookieZWC08, ZWB08, ZWE08Seed increase at BallaratZWC08, ZWB08, ZWE082008 data from AGT (R. Eastwood) Trial at CobbittyZWE05, ZWX05, ZWC05ZKB06, ZWB06, ZWC06, ZWE06ZVS07Trial at ElmoreZWE05, ZWX05, ZWC05ZKB06, ZWB06, ZWC06,

Wheat Imported list 2007


Root disease resistance

IRDRN data 2006 ROOT DISEASE RESISTANCE NURSERIES 2006 1st International Root Disease Resistance Nursery – List of collaborators 2006 1st International Root Disease Resistance Nursery – Trait Data (May 2006) 2007 NEW :1st International Root Disease Resistance Nursery – List