June edition 2018

Dear CAIGE colleagues,

Welcome to the June edition of the CAIGE newsletter and 2018 Australian Field Season which has proved to be a little challenging with dry starts in the east and west.

Since our last newsletter in March we have much to report - the Annual CAIGE meeting in March which was well attended and the on-going support to a new CAIGE project moving forward was endorsed.

We have also had two CGIAR visits - CIMMYT International in Obregon Mexico in late March which is reported here for both Bread and Durum Wheat.  We also had the ICARDA Bread, Durum and CAIGE visits in late April in Rabat in Morocco combined with the BGRI Meeting in Marrakesh which we are saving that for the next newsletter!  We extend our thanks to both centres for hosting these tours.

All selections by Australian breeders who took part in the tours to CIMMYT and ICARDA have been made and lines are on track to be send to Australia in a timely manner.

All Australian CAIGE trials are now planted with some challenges thanks to the man upstairs.  All seed increase and distribution of other nurseries (e.g. breeders selections) has been completed thanks to Brett, Sally and the AGG.  Sandra has been working extremely hard with BMS team uploading and correcting pedigree information on the CAIGE data base and efforts are well underway to creating a useable/searchable data base. More in the next newsletter.

Examples of the fruits of CAIGE are also evident in this newsletter with efforts to collate multiple data sets, interactive data apps for exploring last year’s field data, and the collation of multiple years and data sets for Crown Rot resistance in durum wheat imported through the CIMMYT Turkey program.

Discussions are well underway with GRDC for the next 5-year phase of CAIGE for bread, durum wheat and barley with both Program Leaders (Richard Trethowan for wheat and Mark Dieters for Barley) along with a working group including represent - ative breeders from Wheat and Barley.

We encourage all colleagues to take the opportunity to visit the Australian trials when you are out an about and if you have any questions please contact with myself or Sandra.

Keep wet (ie rain) and warm!

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Julie Nicol

CAIGE Coordinator 

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