June edition 2017

Dear CAIGE colleagues,

Welcome to the 

Welcome to the June edition of the CAIGE newsletter.

As most of you know, the previous coordinator of CAIGE, Marine Guerret had to return to France  for personal reasons, and I am now filling this part-time ongoing role. 

My background, as many of you know, is a former CIMMYT Wheat Scientist, having spent 14 years working with CIMMYT both in Mexico and Turkey, leading their program on Soil Borne Pathogens of Wheat.  

In my former capacity I was involved with CAIGE at the International Centre end, and now I have the privilege of working across the board with all of you.   

Now that I am back in Australia I look forward to spending more time with you and hope that together with Prof Richard Trethowan (CAIGE Project Leader Wheat), Dr Mark Deiters (CAIGE Project Leader, Barley) and Ms Sandra Micallef (Data Adminisrator) we can maximise the benefits of CAIGE for all participants.    

In other news from the CAIGE team, Sandra Micallef (CAIGE Data Admin) and Brett Lobsey (Tamworth CAIGE Quarantine)will be away on personal leave in June, till mid July.  We wish them a restful vacation from work and safe journey to their respective destinations.

If you have any queries with regards to CAIGE material or activities, please contact me.

My contacts details are as follows:-

Dr Julie M Nicol


+61 0488 709 439

iyi şanslar (goodluck in Turkish),

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Julie Nicol

CAIGE Coordinator 


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