February edition 2018

Dear CAIGE colleagues,

Welcome to the February edition of the CAIGE newsletter.

I hope all of you managed to have a rested festive period and no doubt are very busy with data analysis and field plans for the coming season.

This newsletter is to to capture the important events coming up. This includes the ANNUAL CAIGE Meeting on the afternoon of Monday 5th March in Adelaide. We also have up and coming visits planned for both CIMMYT Mexico for Wheat and ICARDA Morocco for Barley and Wheat.

 Thanks to all CAIGE Yield Trial Collabortors who returned the yield data in great time. This enabled Sandra to collate and Ky and her team to provide the preliminary analysis which was circulated In mid-January to CAIGE collaborators by email. Again thanks to Ky and her team we now have the full data analysis for bread and durum wheat which has an interactive APP which should enhance the data interpretation and use.


With respect to Barley data has been returned from all 8 CAIGE trials grown in 2017, and results of the preliminary data analyses have been distributed to the breeding companies.  Both the yield data and analysis summaries along with disease data are now available for download from the CAIGE website.


We also have all bread wheat disease collaborator and a subset of Quality data from 2017 for the 2016 CAIGE Yield Trial – thanks to all for supplying in a timely manner.

I have worked hard with Sandra and collaborators to try and capture all the CAIGE YT 2016 data into one spread sheet – see COMPILATION OF DATA FROM WHEAT CAIGE YT 2016.  I hope this will be helpful to CAIGE collaborators and once we have the BMS running routinely this and many other data base searches should be easily achievabe. Sandra and Robin Wilson will be showing us the live version at the CAIGE meeeting in March (not too be missed!).

Also a drawcard for the March meeting is 'CAIGE moving forward' – your input and suggestions will be welcomed in this part of the program.

Wishing you well with your data and look forward to catching you in March if you are able to join.

Buen Viaje (good travels)


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Julie Nicol

CAIGE Coordinator 

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