November edition 2017

Dear CAIGE colleagues,

Welcome to the November edition of the CAIGE newsletter.

We are now entering the harvest time no doubt most of you are busy in the field and also in the process of collecting and collating data.  

Both the Barley and Wheat Australian CAIGE tours successfully occured and on behalf of the CAIGE team we would like to thank all collaborators for their assistance and participation in the tour.   We have also recieved all genetic materials from both CIMMYT, ICARDA and Dr Rajaram in good time – so we again thank the key overseas collaborators and particularly Brett Lobsey for assisting at this end.   There are the standard nurseries for CAIGE along with some special trait nurseries including Soil Borne Pathogens, Russian Wheat Aphid and Plant Physiology Nurseries. 

 A number of new Chickpea nurseries from ICARDA have arrived and will be available from AGG once multiplied.   We also hope in the next newsletter to have some some valuable biotic and abiotic trait data from Dr Alaadin Hamwieh from ICARDA on chickpea lines he has sent in the past.


During the Wheat CAIGE tour we also had a very successful Steering Comittee and Working Group Committee meetings hosted kindly by AgVic – thanks to Sally Norton for catering for an early breakie to enable ICARDA colleagues and Ken Street to join the phone hook-up.

With thanks to Ky Matthews have the complete 2016 Bread and Durum Yield Analysis and report posted on the website and we encourage you to look at that.  

CAIGE Barley trials are harvested in NSW and Qld and our CAIGE collaborators are currently in the processs of harvesting along with their own materials.  Please can you kindly send me the data as soon as processed as we plan to have an early data analysis of the CAIGE trials by the end of January.

I would also like to flag the ANNUAL CAIGE MEETING which as usual will be held in Adelaide in March during the breeders week (most likely on the Monday 5th March).   We encourage you to join this meeting as it the last one for the current CAIGE project and your feedback and participation will be key moving forward.   

Now is also the time we start to flag the CAIGE overseas visits.  Next year we are planning two possible visits – one to both CIMMYT (Bread and Durum Wheat) and the other to ICARDA (Barley, and Bread/Durum wheat).   The ICARDA CAIGE Wheat visit will only occur if there is sufficient interest to do so.   Both meetings are linking with other valuable International forums, so please can you kindly advise me if you express interest in joining the CAIGE tours.

Fınally Richard Trethowan and Mark Dieters (Wheat and Barley CAIGE leaders) have been in contact with the breeding companies in Australia to gauge their assessment of the CAIGE project to date and ideas moving forward.  It is fair to conclude there is an overwhelming consensus collaborators value the CAIGE project and there is strong support for CAIGE to continue.  We also intend to similarly contact with the pre-breeding community in the near future to similarly provide some feedback. 

Finally I will close by thanking again all those involved with the CAIGE tours and how much I have enjoyed being back in the field again and meeting up with familar faces.

Wishing you all a very successful harvest  and data collation and dont forget to read the jokes section (thanks Sandra).

Feliz Navidad and Mutlu Yillar  (Spanish for Merry Xmas and Turkish for Happy New Year)!

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Julie Nicol

CAIGE Coordinator 

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