CAIGE Yield Trials 2013

The entry list this year contains 195 entries: 24 entries from the 21SAWYT (ZWW12), 49 from the 34ESWYT (ZWB12), 122 ICARDA international Nursery lines and 14 Australian lines and international checks. However not all the lines will be grown in all trials due to seed unavailability.

CAIGE YT 2013 Entry List - provides the entry list for the 2013 trials

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 Field books & yield data: 

Balaklava- B.Jacobs (LongReach PB)- sowed on 24/05/13
JuneeB.Jacobs (LongReach PB)- sowed on 27/05/13
Mukinbudin- D.Mullan (InterGrain)- sowed on 27/05/13
Narrabri- R. Trethowan (Usyd)- sowed on 21/05/13
Edgeroi- M.Lu (AGT)- sowed 17/05/13
Roseworthy- J. Edwards (AGT)- sowed on 17/05/13
Toodyay- I. Edwards (Edstar Genetics)- sowed on 17/05/13


Yield Trials 2013 Data Analysis:

2013 GET BLUEs
2013 GET BLUPs (Across sites)