CAIGE yield trial Barley 2018

This is the list of barley lines which will be put in yield trials in 2018 - List of barley lines for 2018 trials

Designs for the trials were done by Centre for Bioinformatics & Biometrics (Uni of Wollongong)

All Barley trials and harvest data (Download file with all trials and harvest data)
AGT (Paul Telfer) 2 trials Roseworthy Pinaroo
Murdoch University (Tefera Agnessa) 1 trial Merredin
University of Queensland (Mark Dieters) 1 trial Gatton 
University of Sydney (Richard Trethowan ) 1 trial Narrabri
Edstar Genetics (Ian Edwards) 1 trial Toodyay
Intergrain (David Moody) 2 trials Corrigin Kalkee

Yield Data Analysis

(by Dr Vivi Arief, University of Queensland)

Model used for analysis 

Field Layouts : PDF file

Box Plots : PDF file

Single Trial Heatmap : PDF file

Performance analysis Plots Set1 : PDF file

Performance analysis Plots Set2 : PDF file

Performance analysis Plots Combined : PDF file

Output file : EXCEL file