Special SBP Durum Nursery 2019

Special SBP Durum Nursery 2019

Selections from CIMMYT-Turkey Our colleagues at CIMMYT-Turkey, have carried out screening of Crown Rot and Root Lesion Nematode, on a list of CAIGE Durum lines (which have already been imported into Australia). The file available contains the results from this

Wheat Imported list 2018

Shipment 2018 Material from CIMMYT SPRING WHEAT SELECTIONS by Ravi Singh – ZWB18 Stress Adaptive Trait Yield nursery (7th SATYN) – ZSA18        View data from CIMMYT for ZSA18 and ZWY18 Wheat Yield Consortium Yield Trails (5th WYCYT) –

Crown Rot data from CIMMYT-Turkey

Australian Crown Rot Lines tested in CIMMYT-Turkey A set of lines from the Australian Crown Rot Initiative project, was sent to Dr Amer Dababat in Turkey, for further screening. These lines were screened in the greenhouse against both F. culmorum

LMA data for Soil Borne Pathogen Nurseries (2013)

 LMA 2013LMA results for Soil Borne Pathogen Resistance Nurseries from CIMMYT Turkey ZAD13, SBP12 nurseries tested for LMA Daryl Mares (University of Adelaide)  Back to Wheat Disease Screening Menu