December  edition 2019

Dear CAIGE colleagues,

It has been quite sometime since our last newsletter early this year.  Till now we have not had much to report but now that harvest is in full swing and we are planning for next year please find our end of year update.

As you will recall we did not have any CG scientists visit this year for the CAIGE tour, however Mark visited Barley and Richard and myself between us visited all the wheat sites (except Breeza).  We recently had our Steering Committee meeting at the PBI Sydney which went very well.

The Australian field season has been a challenging one for many with drought, frost and hail in some parts, so Dorothy McKellar was on track when she composed ‘A Sunburnt Country’.   We wish you well with your harvest in Australia, and look forward to receiving your data as soon possible.  We also wish our CG partners happy sowing!  On behalf of the CAIGE team we wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas and all the best for good health and happiness in 2020.

Thanks to all for you patience as we have the new CAIGE project moving this year and we look forward to reporting back next year.

Christmas cheer

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Julie Nicol

CAIGE Coordinator 

December Newsletter
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