Special SBP Durum Nursery 2019

Special SBP Durum Nursery 2019

Selections from CIMMYT-Turkey Our colleagues at CIMMYT-Turkey, have carried out screening of Crown Rot and Root Lesion Nematode, on a list of CAIGE Durum lines (which have already been imported into Australia). The file available contains the results from this

SBP 2016 Imports

SBP 2016Selections from CIMMYT-Turkey Includes Spring and Durum wheat selections by Amer Dababat – SBP16for resistance to Crown Rot and Root Lesion NematodesSpring Wheat selections from CIMMYT-Turkey Data file for 2016 screeningDurum wheat selection from CIMMYT -TurkeyData file for 2016 screening More

SBP 2015 Imports

SBP 2015Spring Wheat selections from CIMMYT-Turkey SPRING WHEAT SELECTIONS by Amer Dababat – SWM15Data file containing screening results for these linesData file for 2015 screening Durum wheat selection from CIMMYT -Turkey Selections by Amer Dababat – DCR15Data file containing screening results for these linesData

SBP 2014 selections

SBP 2014Spring Wheat selections from CIMMYT-TurkeySpring Wheat selections includingPt – Pratylenchus NeglectusPn – Pratylenchus thorneiCrown Rot in GrowthroomCrown Rot in Glasshouse and FieldData file for 2014 screening  ** which includes  crown rot screening in multiple locations in Turkeyphenotype data from CIMMYT

SBP 2013 selections

SBP 2013The 29th SAWSN nursery that was screened in 2012 with data from Mexico and SBP phenotypic dataDownload fileFile also includes:Yield ranking from 9 Australian sitesQuality data from ToodyayRust screening from PBI CobbittyYellow Leaf Spot assessments (Field and Seedling) from

SBP 2012 selections

SBP 2012A list of lines that were screened in 2012 at CIMMYT-Turkey, with data from Mexico and SBP phenotypic dataDownload fileFile also includes:All lines screenedList of the 40 lines selectedYield ranking from 2010 CAIGE Yield Trials*Yield ranking from 2009 CAIGE

SBP 2011 Nursery

SBP 2011DescriptionFileAll Data (March 2012)Download here **inlcudes CIMMYT data andAustralian CAIGE yield trialsranking (where entries werepreviously evaluated in the field) ZJN11 selections from Dr Julie Nicol and Dr Amer Dababat24 lines selected(April 2013)Download here **inlcudes CIMMYT data,(Turkey and Mexico)Australian CAIGE yield

SPB 2010 Nursery

SBP 2010DescriptionFileAll DataDownload here **includes Yield data fromCAIGE yield trials of 2008 Individual filesRust Screening (PBI)Download hereP thornei resistance(DEEDI)Download hereYellow Spot (DAFWA)Download hereStagonospora nodorum blotch (DAFWA)Download here 

SBP 2009 Nursery

SBP 2009In December 2008 a number of promising SBPs (Soil Borne Pathogens) wheat disease resistant materials were sent to AWCC which include a total of 50 lines with various SBP disease nurseries including;1.         SBPSW 0809 –

Soil Born Pathogens

Principal CoordinatorAMER DABABATThe new suite of GRDC-CIMMYT alliance project continues since July 2009 for the Identification and utilization of novel sources of resistance against Soil Borne Pathogens – SBPs (Crown Rot and Root Lesion Nematode).The two key objectives of this