Russian Wheat Aphid- lines available 2018

RWA List of materials  This is a list of Russian Wheat Aphid resistant bread wheat and barley lines that have been sent to Australia (from U.S.) The material was quarantined and is now available from AGG. List of material RWA16

Russian Wheat Aphid- Barley genotype

RWA Barley genotype dataDArTSSR Double Haploids Double HaploidsDK007 – PLATE 1DK007DK017 – PLATE 196 SSR MarkerDK020 – PLATE 1 DK028 – PLATE 1 & 2  DK031 – PLATE 1    Parental lines  BARLEY parents   Back to RWA page

Russian Wheat Aphid- Barley phenotype

RWA Barley phenotype dataAustralian Parental lines – FRANCE dataParental lines – FRANCEDouble Haploid PopulationsF2 PopulationsDK007 – USA DK007 – FRANCE DK007 – AUSTRALIA   DK017 – FRANCE   Back to RWA page

Russian Wheat Aphid- Barley lines

RWA Barley linesLIST OF PARENTAL LINESDouble Haploid PopulationsF2 PopulationsCross name donor   DK00708B-DK006DK01708B-DK013DK02008B-DK016DK02808B-DK019 DK031C08-182-D3   Back to RWA page

Russian Wheat Aphid- Wheat genotype

RWA Wheat genotype dataDArTSSR Double Haploids Double Haploids07M014 – PLATE 17D,1D,6A Primers screeningSHK01 – PLATE 1 & 2SHK01 popWMK01 – PLATE 1WMK01 popWMK02 – PLATE 17D,1D markers   F2 PopulationF2 Population  08M335 – PLATE 108M335 08M339 Parental lines  CIMMYT, ICARDA & Kenya   Back to RWA page

Russian Wheat Aphid- wheat phenotype

RWA Wheat lines phenotype dataParental lines from ArgentinaDouble haploid populationsF2 populationsCIMMYT linesScreening from07M014 – France(102 lines)08M335 -FranceArgentina07M014 – France (1st lot)  07M014- USA08M339 –USA (1st screening)ICARDA 08M339 –USA (2nd screening) SHK01 –France Kenya   WMK01 –nonRWA data Mexico & USAWMK01 –France  WMK01 –USA (3rd screening) South Africa   WMK02 -USA    Back

Russian Wheat Aphid- wheat lines

RWA List of materials – Bread Wheat LIST OF PARENTAL LINESDouble Haploid PopulationsF2 PopulationsCross name donor   07M01407M005SHK0107M007 WMK0107M015 WMK0207M023  08M334  08M335  08M338  08M339 Field Harvest of F1 and F2 plants  Back to RWA page

GRDC media communication on RWA detection

Russian Wheat Aphid Australia June 2016 There has been detection of Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) in South Australia and Victoria. The incursion was initially managed by PIRSA Biosecurity South Australia under the Exotic Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD). The EPPRD is

Russian Wheat Aphid

Pre-emptive breeding for Russian wheat aphid in wheat and barley (UMU00029)Project CoordinatorDr Mehmet CakirEnvironmental and Life SciencesMurdoch UniversityTel:+61 8 93606640email: research has a significant role in linking between genetic resources and breeding as it shortens the time frame between