Crown Rot data from CIMMYT-Turkey

Australian Crown Rot Lines tested in CIMMYT-Turkey A set of lines from the Australian Crown Rot Initiative project, was sent to Dr Amer Dababat in Turkey, for further screening. These lines were screened in the greenhouse against both F. culmorum

Crown rot initiative data 2009-10

Crown Rot Initiative Data (2009 – 2010)Data from DEEDI, USQ, CSIROSeedling Data2009 Analysis2009 DataField Data2009 Analysis2009 Data2010 Analysis2010 Data 

Crown Rot Initiative data 2012

Crown Rot Initiative 2012 Data University of Sydney (USyd) – PBI Cobbitty and PBI Narrabri (2012) – US00054 (a) Analytical Test(b) USyd pedigrees – GRDC trial(c) USyd Narrabri F5 List(d) USyd Narrabri F6 ListSouth Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI) – US00054 (a) SARDI crosses(b) SARDI F6 list for

Crown Rot Initiative data 2013

Crown Rot Initiative 2013 DataUniversity of Sydney (USyd) – US00054(a)  List of lines in 2013 trials at PBI Narrabri(b)  2013 Yield Means – Narrabri Station Yield Trials(c)  2013 Yield Means – Colllaborative Results(d)  2013 Yield Means – Rain Shelter Trials(e)

Crown Rot Initiative data 2014

Crown Rot Initiative 2014 Data CIMMYT-Turkeyfor material sent from the University of Sydney 13 Best Lines selected from a list of 30 lines File also includes crown rot readings from- Growthroom- Greenhouse- Field- Plant HeightThese lines will be further tested for yield potential

Crown Rot Initiative data 2015

Crown Rot Initiative 2015 Data  USQ Marker data for lines fromLeslie Research Centre, Dept of Agriculture,Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF, QLD -Toowoomba)USQ marker data*updated 25/02/2016 Effective Crown RotScreening MethodologiesDocument by Noel Knight, Anke Martin and  Mark  Sutherland(USQ) 

Crown rot in durum

Managing crop diseases – Improving crown rot resistance in durum (USQ00013) Principle leader/co-ordinator: Dr Anke Martin Length of project: 01/06/2013 to 30/06/2018 Project objectives: The increase and stabilization of grower profitability by reduction of economic losses associated with the control

Crown rot initiative

Crown rot is the single biggest limitation to wheat and barley production in the northern grains region after the cereal rusts and is also an important disease in southern Australia. Whilst crop rotation can reduce the incidence of crown rot