Yield Data (and key analysis) from each Australian field sites and also separate sheets from CIMMYT Mexico (many different field locations) where these entries have been yield tested in multiple global locations.

Disease Data – from Australian including Rust (Cobbity-UoS, Horsham-AgVic), Septoria tritici blotch (Wagga Wagga-AgNSW), Yellow Spot (DAFWA), Crown Rot (Narrabri-UoS) and Effector screening of Septoria Blotch,Yellow Leaf Spot and Spot Blotch (Curtin Uni). We have also with the assitance of the Soil Borne Pathogen team in Turkey (Amer Dababat and Gul Erginbas) collated their most complete disease reactions to both Crown Rot in multiple environments in Turkey as well as controlled screening for Root Lesion Nematode – Pratylenchus thornei.

Limited Quality Data –  promising lines from the sites Junee and Narrabri are tested by Glen Fox at QAFFI for quality assessment.

Data collection for 2015 shipment