Dear CAIGE Collaborators,

We are pleased to inform that we have formed a working group aimed to explore the CAIGE BMS for efficient storage and use of CAIGE data for the breeding and pathology community. The group comprises representatives from the various breeding companies involved in the GRDC CAIGE project and the three crops including BW, DW and Barley. The group comprises diverse experience in breeding, use of data bases and offer of constructive advice and suggestions to improve the database so it is valuable to all the CAIGE partners.

The group has commenced its monthly meet since August 2021 (which occur monthly on the first Friday of the month from 3 pm to 4 pm (AEST)). The meeting is enthusiastically lead by me Dr Amit Singh (CAIGE Database) and CAIGE BMS lead Dr Robin Wilson. In addition, several members from Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) are also present (Clarissa, Rowena, and William) to listen into the queries and assist with feedback and queries by breeders.

The current members of the group include: -

  1. Amanda Box (Secobra Recherches - barley)
  2. Calum Watt (INTERGRAIN – bread wheat)
  3. Chris Moore (S&W Seeds – bread, durum wheat and barley)
  4. Greg Bowey (BASF – bread wheat)
  5. Meiqin Lu (AGT – bread wheat)
  6. Mirza Dowla and Ian Edwards (EdStar Genetics - bread wheat and barley)
  7. Scott Sydenham (LRPB – bread wheat)

In the near future we will also invite CG colleagues to join if they are able.

CAIGE coordinator (Julie Nicol) and CAIGE crop leaders (Richard Trethowan for wheat and Mark Dieter for Barley), also join if possible. Pip Wilson from GRDC also sits on meeting when able.

We hope this group is able to improve the usability and value of the data being produced by the CAIGE project to enable maximum benefit to the grains industry in Australia and elsewhere (for our CG partners)

Thanks for your willingness to participate in this working group