Ramesh Verma (Senior Barley Breeder, ICARDA), Sajid Rehman (Pathologist, ICARDA) and Mark Dieters (Australian Barley CAIGE coordinator, The University of Queensland) met at Melbourne airport on morning of Thursday September 7th for the start of the 2017 CAIGE barley tour. From Melbourne we drove to Horsham they met with Laura Roden (Technical Officer - Cereal Pathology, Agriculture Victoria)\, and visited disease screening nurseries net blotch and leaf rust evaluating barley lines and landrace imported from ICARDA. Good levels of resistance being observed in many of the ICARDA entries. As a pathologist Sajid, was noted as remarking that the trial was very good for net blotch (meaning that there were high levels of disease expression).

Friday morning saw us on the road again, driving to meet Paul Telfer (Barley Breeder, AGT) at the Pinaroo   read more......

Pinaroo Trial Site (L to R: Paul Teller, Ramesh Verma, Mark Dieters)
Barley Yield trials Tour 2017