Project Leader (Wheat-Durum-Pulses)

Prof Richard Trethowan

Professor at the University of Sydney (Plant Breeding Institute) since 2006 lead CAIGE project since its start. Prof Richard Trethowan has a B.Sc and a PhD from the University of Sydney, and is currently Director of the IA Watson Grain Research Centre within the Plant Breeding Institute. His researches are mainly focused in wheat breeding and genetics.   

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Project Leader (Barley)

Dr. Mark Dieters 

In 2003, Mark Dieters joined the University of Queensland after completing his PhD in Florida.  He has been involved in research related to genetic improvement of crop and tree species. Dr. Mark Dieters is in charge of the barley side of CAIGE project.

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Database Management

Sandra Micallef 

Sandra's expertise is database collection and management, more particularly in germplasm. She has a wide experience in designing and developing database for companies. Sandra has been involved with CAIGE for several years as Data Manager.

Telephone +61 7 334 69409



CAIGE Coordinator

Marine Guerret

Marine just started as our new CAIGE Coordinator. She completed her master's in Agriculture and has been involved in several research projects (virology, forestry and breeding). She joined the University of Sydney and is based at the Plant Breeding Institute. She is usually the first point of contact if you have any enquiry regarding CAIGE. 

Telephone +61 2 9351 8867  

Other important actors in CAIGE:

Dr Lauren Dufall

GRDC Representative 

Telephone +61 2 6166 4500 
Fax +61 2 6166 4599

Brett Lobsey

Quarantine Representative

Telephone +61 2 6763 1152

Dr. Sally Norton

Seed Distribution
Australian Grains Genebank

Telephone +61 3 5362 2124