CAIGE steering committee meets twice a year. It usually happens during the overseas visit during March in CIMMYT or ICARDA and during CAIGE yield trial tour in October. High level of decisions are made to enhance and promote CAIGE project for the following year.


People attending the meeting


Project Leader Wheat- Durum Prof Richard Trethowan
Project Leader Barley Dr Mark Dieters
Database Manager Sandra Micallef
Project Coordinator Julie Nicol
GRDC Representative Dr Lauren Dufall
Quarantine Representative Brett Lobsey
CIMMYT Representative  
ICARDA Representative  
Australian Breeder Representative Wheat-Durum  
Australian Breeder Representative Barley  

Next meeting 
11 th October 2016 from 12 pm to 2 pm Cobbitty (NSW) Plant Breeding Institute


The Annual CAIGE meeting occurs once a year during the Wheat breeders meeting week. An important part of the Annual CAIGE meeting is the discussion open to the floor after all the presentations have been given. A time is dedicated for the audience to raise their opinions about the direction of CAIGE project. We do value the thoughts and inputs from the CAIGE community.

Next meeting
6th March 2017 from 1 pm to 5 pm Adelaide (Waite Campus)
Free event